Monday, November 28, 2011

There's Always An Excuse To Not Do What You Love

Wow! I have been a bad blogger. The days have gone away from me and one week of not blogging turned into two, then three and here were are almost one month later.

Every week I kept creating excuse for myself as to why I wasn't posting. Geez I cant even keep up with my hobbies.

I have a confession though, I have actually been doing way TOO much shopping lately. I'm so ahead of the shopping curve, I have my holiday party outfit and my NYE outfit! See below.

 I just kind of knew from the moment I saw it much fun is to be had in this dress!  I am throwing caution out the door about excess lbs and will hopefully be ringing in 2012 with this little number. You can find this dress and many mofre fun NYE pieces at Arden B!

I digress. I love my blog and the self expression it allows me. Then why is it hard for me to blog? Ok lets keep on looking at the clothes.

I made a wish board earlier this season. It was a fun little arts and crafts projects which consisted of me cutting out my favorite looks from magazines, pasting them on cardboard. It has helped me focus on only buying the pieces I really, really, really want/need. :)

On my board was a printed dress that was in a neutral pallete but still fun. I found this perfect dress on This was again love at first sight...You can still find it at Dillards. This dress is great with heels and a blazer for work, and can be worn with booties and fun jacket on the weekends.
Most recently I wore it with my favorite BCBG Boots and Navy Tights on Thanksgiving!

My November shopping adventure continued on I found the perfect secretary blouse in Leopard! Which if you ask me is the new black!!!  I wore it with black skinnies, booties. For work I wore it with a cream colored skirt and black pumps. But really this goes with EVERYTHING. haha.

Ok. So im kind of all over the place but really I did not want to go another week without posting. Besides I am actually all out of excuses!!  While you're out at it check out one of my new favorite bloggers over at Cupcakes and Cashmere

Have A Great Week!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to be productive at work and at home

I have many blog post topics that are currently in development. Yet, I find myself unable to finish very many of them.  I had a great weekend so naturally I am know too exhausted for my hobbies.  During the week I had long work days, and my camera wasn’t charged so I failed yet again to post any outfit posts, bla,bla,bla. The excuses go and on as you can see.

There are a few things I have discovered in this blogger/wannabe writer journey.  One thing no one tells you, is that you have to read things other people write in order to get the creative juices flowing and then you need to meet self-imposed writing deadlines. It’s hard to keep up with the many other deadlines I need to meet at work- , at home, and to my creditors and thus it seems hard to add even more deadlines to my life. 

When the enemy of all productivity, procrastination, rears its ugly face it can become so overwhelming to think about all these of tasks that it’s easy to just put it off all together and just watch HGTV. Here are some things I’m trying to do to get back on track:

1)      Just Do It- Sometimes you just have to force yourself. Earlier in the week my Dr. told me that the times when I really don’t want to work out are the times when my body needs it the most. Same thing with those things you keep putting off, the more you put them off the more you will develop anxiety over not getting things done, so then you go and have a cheeseburger because you feel so out of control in your life. Then you don’t sleep because you are ridden with guilt because not only have you put off tasks, but you also consumed a meal that added more fat to your thighs.  Then you wake up the next day feeling icky because you ate an unhealthy meal so you drag yourself to work and are tired and moody all day. Then that to- do list becomes even longer and so this pattern of self-loathing, self-destructive behavior repeats itself! 
Read the rest of the article  at

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fashion Ethos

For the first time this season, I have felt the cool, crisp Fall air. When you live in Los Angeles you long for real seasons and the beauty the bring with them, orange tinted leaves, frost on windows and spring blooms. As much as I enjoyed my summer wardrobe I had been mentally preparing for Fall for a few weeks.  I haven't blogged about fashion and have been doing more "serious" career focused entries. Im still trying to figure out how I will successfully merge the two topics on here.

However I have been studying other blogs and taking mental notes of what works. There's so many great blogs out there it's important to make sure I am finding "my authentic voice" Today I read a piece on Glitter Guide ( one of  me new favorite sites). Each month they feature a different "Glitter Girl and this month they chose Laney, of Downtown Romantic. I was crushing on her cute style and her adorable apartment. In her article she discusses how a friend of hers once told said, "your style is so downtown romantic." Once she realized this friend was right she had a much easier time further developing her own style expanding on this phrase! I loved the idea of identifying your style ethos in only 2 words. My homework for the week is to try to do this for my own style. Im looking around my room and I guess the few options based on what I see would be:

Crazy Scarf Lady
Neutral Shoe Lady
Belt Collector
Jewel Tone Maven 
Skirt and Dress Gal

None of these are it!  While I put some thought and creativity into this. Take a look at how my Fall lookbook is evolving...

Betsy Aimee

Sally Hansen, Diamond Strength, Nail Polish/ I love the burgundy/purple color contrasting with the Leopard. I have declared Leopard to be my favorite fall neutral!  

I couldnt decide on booties! There was so many option. I was really, really trying to keep the purchase under 100 dollars.
I finally settled on these Kensie Girl Booties in "Chocolate." I liked the zipper on the side that allows me to fold them over or wear them unfolded under pants.

I fell in love with these on (They have a sale right now!) They are a great juxtaposition of lady like and bad ass! The studs and off centered bow down play the daintiness of the bows.  I wanted to build my silver jewerly so I picked up this amazing plated necklace and metal bracelete at Forever 21.

These shoes are a perfect example of how you can incorporate existing iems and have them work for different seasons. I found these on super sale at Banana Republic this summer and they are just what I needed for Fall 2011. Im honeslty in love with these! I like to pair them with my new Navy blazer. Yes, not groundbreaking perhaps but remember we are talking about work appropiate clothes here. :)

Here are more closeups of my Forever 21 finds!! I love all these things and I probably wear too many of them at the same time. But as Rachel Zoe would say, "more is more is more."


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fear Factor

Last Wednesday, I attended my first Creative Non-Fiction writing class. I showed up giddy, super excited about that I was finally, finally doing this. I had been putting off pursuing my aspirations of writing for so long and pretending like it was something I would pursue later. In this case, later meant when I won the lottery and had loads of free time. The first step of this new endeavor was my blog, and this course was the 2nd step. I had been secretly counting down the days until the class began.

After conducting the usual roll call, and syllabus review we delved into the fun stuff. One of the first things we did, was an exercise during which we discussed why we wanted to write and answered a series of questions which elicited hilarious, creative responses from the attendees.

That’s when it first happened. I felt the blood rushing to my face, my heart started beating a little faster and I suddenly felt like I had walked up a few flights of stairs. (Okay one of flight of stairs, I’m not in the best shape at the moment) I knew that there were the physical manifestations of my feelings of inadequacy. But this was no time to accept defeat and I pushed myself to keep calm. However, when it was time for me to speak, I muttered, “Well I won’t be as funny as the person who just spoke before me.” There it was again the self-doubt and I actually verbalized it to my entire class. Ugh.

Continue reading on Fear Factor - Los Angeles career coach |

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Accents Preview

It's officially Fall. Yay! I've been looking at Fall fashions for a while so it's hard to believe it arrived a little less than two weeks ago. Last week was crazy and thus I neglected to update my blog. Which is sad cause it's so much fun. Im working on actually doing outfit shots. I'm a bit intimidated by all of the skinny, super model look alikes that blog successfully.

While I muster up the courage, I want to preview some of the make up styles I have been experimenting with and my Fall Accents. Fall accents are the things that will complement my Fall wardrobe and make it unique, (Well as unique as you can be with items that are mass produced)

I'm also looking into buying a better camera as it has recently come to my attention the one I currently own, sucks for the purposes of being a fab blogger.

I'm all over the place at the moment. I hope you caught my article on The Examiner! If not check out the previous post.

Enjoy the photos! Let me know your thoughts.  

Rocking the side pony tale and bold necklace!
Burgundy and Leopard- One of my favorite color combos for Fall.

Experimenting with bold jewel tone combinations

Layering the bracelets. The more the merrier!

Never thought I would be playing with pink eyeshadow again! lol

Monday, September 19, 2011

What Are YOU Working Towards?

The movie, “I don’t know how she does it” has unleashed a flurry of articles on the subject of women and the work/life/kids/husbands balance. In the movie (which I hope to see with gal pals soon) the main character balances and demanding career in finance with her child rearing responsibilities, without ignoring her husband, friends etc. I literally, “don’t know how she does it,” I thought to myself. I think that about her and all the mommies that I adore and even my friends without children but who nonetheless still have incredibly demanding lives. I feel overwhelmed with my 20 something life which at the moment involves a totally understanding partner and a 4 pound dog. Let’s not forget my large family which never fails to create drama in my life at the most inopportune times.

Given the many demands of our modern lives, it’s easy to get lost in the mundane details of everyday tasks. However, movies like this make me think about what my life could be like in the next 5, 10, 15 years. What about you? Have you asked yourself what kind of life you want in the next 5 to 10 years? Are you currently on a path to achieve this lifestyle? Are there any conditions in the workforce or in your current career path that are a hinder for you to achieve that lifestyle? Do you want children? It may seem very unromantic but its super important to consider your choice in partner when analyzing how you will run a Fortune 500 Company, and achieve your dreams of motherhood and meet your bff for coffee/drinks once a week.( Of course, I will one day be doing all these things I addition to volunteering and weighing 120 lbs. Haha)

On a more serious note, I would really like to believe that no one should have to choose between having a fulfilling personal life or having a successful career. I myself struggle with this statement as I realize it may sound naïve or unrealistic, especially for those of you working in especially demanding fields. But I believe that we have the opportunity to change things. The generations before us were busy opening the doors for us. Now that these doors are (almost) wide open it’s important to think about what we will do once we are sitting in that corner office or to think about whether or not the corner office is what we’re chasing after.

 I realize that these are all very self-indulgent, bourgeois/yuppie problems. My mother never even had the option to consider this work life balance. Working wasn’t a feminist statement, it was an economic necessity. Whenever I think of all the women like my mother and all of the trailblazers like that came before me. It is then I pause and realize that thanks to all of their hard work I am able to sit here and blog about the difficulties of being a modern woman. Then I think about my nieces, sister and all of the other women coming behind me!

The conditions for women and everyone else will only change if the woman entering the workforce NOW decide that they will break with the status quo and start changing things up once they are in charge. As that old saying goes, you need to be the change you wish to see in the world!! I want to leave you with video by someone I have been admiring for a while. Sheryl Sandberg is the COO of Facebook. I love a woman who is bad ass at work and manages to look stylish, fabulous and put together! She gave a very poignant speech on women in the workforce. In her speech she references how women abandon the workforce before they meet their true potential. I wonder though, how many women are put off by the seemingly overwhelming prospect of having a career in a workforce that hasn’t adapted to all of the changes that have occurred in the lives of women and men in last 60 years.. Let me know your thoughts. I especially want to know if you disagree!

Stay Fabulous!
Betsy Aimee


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Put Your Best Blog/ Boot Forward...

Hey Friends,

I have been busy on my blog. No, not devising new posts. I have been working on the layout of the blog and learning all the intricacies of the Blogger site.  I have discovered so many new sites and blogs based on people's blog rolls, that I knew I wanted to provide the same on my blog. I hope to continue to add to the list/s. You wil notice that I have created a list of my favorite Fashion and Career Blogs/Websites. Yes, I read a lot of these everyday. Yes, I dont sleep as much as I should. I also created a spur of the moment About Me section. Take a look and let me know your thoughts on these new sections. It's easy to feel like my blog is an ugly duckling compared to all the awesome blogs out there. However, i'm confident this is only the beginning!  Lets move on now...

Lets talk 2011 Fall Boot Looks!

In the middle of  blog re-design I have been searching the internets for the perfect boots. I first searched for some inspiration! (See Above an below) My desired price point is 150 dollars or less.  I'm having a hard time narrowing it down from a list of favorites.  I decided it would be helpful to develop a criteria after all, my financially challenged self cannot break its own rule regarding impulse purchases!

Here are some of the things that im considering before making a purchase like this:

1) Comfort- May not seem important when you are eyeing cute styles online or at the store. Many of the boots have high heels and platforms to support them but this doesnt always equal comfort. Here's a tip read the online reviews before purchasing anything.  This also helps you make sure that you know whether or not to order a size up etc. Besides, if you're anything like me you are always rushing in to the office and uncomfortable shoes wont help you get there any faster. The pictures above and below are examples of casual work looks that are also comfortable.

These are super comfortable and versatile! The wedge heel keeps them current. JcPenney Honey Cott Boot

2) Versatility- This is key, the shoes must transfer for day to night and vice versa.

These are just so fun. I'm a sucker for boots with hardware. However, not sure about the versatility of these. I definitely need to visit them in person. Seychelles-Theory Boot

3) Material- I love suede shoes. These may work in California as we dont get much rain. But if you live in a place where weather is an issue Suede may not be worth the investment  Keep in mind things like this when you are deciding on a pair.

Love the metal detail an wood heel on these. It really makes these special and a bit unique. These are just under my desired price point. These also come in several suede colors. I think these are my favorites so far... Nine West

4) Style- You should know what fits into your wardrobe. There's riding boots that can work for the office and there's some daring styles that can work for the office if paired with the proper items.  This year there's so many styles to choose from ankle boots (cute with dresses, skirts and skiny jeans), riding boots (good with everything and super comfortable), over the knee bots, and the famous booties (similar to ankle boots). It's helpful to have a plan for example I know that I want a pair of ankle boots to wear with dresses, skirts and tights this season. I also want new riding boots cause my old pair is 3 years old.

These are basic and under 100 Dollars! Yay! I love these. Can you tell I love hardware details? Found these at Victoria's Secret-Steve Madden

Happy Shopping Everyone, I look forward to sharing what I decide to buy!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Is Graduate School the Answer?

I have always wanted to go graduate school. It probably has to do with the many statistics I have read that state that women need to go to graduate school to earn as much as men.  I also genuinely miss the academic environment and the excitement of an empty notebook on the first day of school. I loved school, the subjects I studied, the late nights of studying and the many books I read.
After college I also realized that school was simple, you do the work you earn the grade! The work world isn’t so easy. You can’t go to office hours with the professor to explain why you couldn’t do your work on time (not that I did that often). As we all know, the hardest workers don’t always get the highest reward and there’s not a syllabus that contains all the deadlines and relevant information.  Naturally, all these previously mentioned facts make me want to run back to the simplicity of the academic world.
 I do think graduate school is worthwhile, for those who are going into a field that requires licensing and credentials such as a J.D or a M.F.T. It’s also valuable if you are simply expanding your knowledge in the field you are already pursuing and are completely certain this is the field you will continue working in once you obtain your degree. But for the rest of us confused, souls, what are the rewards of graduate school? Do these rewards outweigh the costs?  Now if anyone has the answers to these please do let me know! (Please note that if you are personally wealthy and/or have parents that will pay for graduate school these thoughts may be irrelevant to you.)
In the meantime, I have pursued my own research and performed mental math and have come up with no formula that would allow to pay for my living expenses and my tuition given the hefty prices of some of the fancy programs that have caught my attention. The other issue is the radical lifestyle change that would have to occur. In college, my lack of funds meant living paycheck to paycheck and sometimes only having enough money for gas and one meal   for a few days.  I wonder if I could be happy going back to that.  
There’s another issue to ponder about, if graduate school isn’t a precise means to an end then is it worth pulling yourself out of the workforce? Could you learn things in the workforce that would supersede an MFA, or Journalism Degree (I use these as recently these are the ones that I have been considering). 
I suggest that if you are confused about what to do next, want to explore your options while keeping your day job, or if you want to feel as though you are still learning in your free time, you should consider the following things:
1)      Take Classes at your Local University- Many schools offer Open University to students who have their degree but want to take other courses. This is a good way to explore those subjects that interest you before committing to a two-year program across the country.
2)      Take Classes at your Local Community College- An even less expensive way to explore other options. These classes also tend to have flexible hours.
3)      Consider a Certificate Instead of a Master’s Program- Depending on where you live Universities can offer certificate programs that can offer you a new set of skills. Such as Business Development, Communications, Marketing.   This might sound completely controversial and it completely depends on your field. I’m not suggesting that you reject that offer from Columbia University!
4)      Switch Jobs- You want to work in healthcare, then what are you doing working in retail management!?  Do not be deceived by graduate school programs that claim they will find you a job and place you in marvelous internship. If you are having a hard time networking and selling your skills now, graduate school will not solve this problem for you.
5)      Informational Interviews- Talk to people who pursued fields that interest you and find out if they went to graduate school etc.  Don’t be shy people want to share their experiences. 
Currently, I’m working on option number 3 and I will definitely keep you posted on my progress!
Stay Fabulous,

Friday, September 2, 2011

Asos Love!

This week was pretty insane in my 9 to 5 life. Thus I havent been able to implement the many outfit and blog post ideas that have been running through my head.  I did however want to share with you my most recent purchase (ok, except for that top I bought today, shh!). I have been spending a lot of my free time on Asos. I'm a huge fan of any website that offers free shipping on purchases and returns!!

In the past this site only shipped to the UK but they recently started shipping to the US too. Ok, so they aren't paying me to rave about them, but I just couldnt help myself!

I also wanted to share the bag I purchased. for the bargain price of 40.00 ! I love a bold, bright bag :)  It's a great evening bag but can also transitioned into the day time with jeans and moderate accessories. 

Friday, August 26, 2011


As a budget fashionista its important that my pieces transform from wear to work, to lunch on the weekend and night on the town (which I admit haven't happened as often as I would like).  However, ensuring that your pieces fit into your wardrobe requires some planning. Below is a list of tips on how to ensure you are maximizing your wardrobe by utilizing multi-purpose pieces...
  • BEWARE OF THE URGE OF THE IMPULSE PURCHASE: As a teen I remember buying things tht tickled my fancy. I ended up with a ton of cute items that had no real purpose and didnt help me create outfits.  Now before buying a top or bottom I think of what existing items I can wear it with. 
  • ACESSORIZE: I can’t stand stress this enough, an outfit can go from great to glamorous with the right accessorizes. Accessories also help you create different looks with a few key pieces.
  • DO EXPERIMENT WITH HAIR AND MAKEUP: Your look can be enhanced by the right hair and make-up. This is also a way to try new looks without breaking the bank.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!!!
Stay Fabulous,
Betsy Aimee

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In Between Two Cultures in a Halfway Changed World

In Latino culture we are taught to appreciate what we are given and not demand too much. I see this everyday with my extended family " Be grateful for what you have mija" ,  "It's so great the Cousin (Blank) is making 17 dollars per hour. I should probably not be upset if i'm overlooked for a promotion and that I sure as hell shouldnt be marching in there asking the boss for a raise. I realize that in these tough economic times we should be GRATEFUL for what we have. But as the wonderful, accomplished women that we are, we should also value our work and the fact that on most days we go above and beyond the call of duty.

Given that I am a woman who also happens to be a first generation American Latina I wonder where that leaves me... I am  in between two cultures but I am also living in a world where women have made great strides, yet still make less money than men. How is this even possible?  At this point it must mean that women who are in positions of power are paying women less than men for performing the same work. This is equally puzzling because then it must mean that indeed men possess certain traits that are more favorable to success in the workplace.

Even more depressing is the fact that Latinas make about 57 cents for every dollar a man makes! This means that there's really no room to be bashful when it comes to asking for what you want. I have had countless conversations with gal pals who accept their salary offers without negotiating, and hesitate to ask for more. I was granted with a natural ability to ask for what I want/need that has helped me face these scenarios with gusto. But I must confess that I have found myself having conversation with my male life partner (aka-husband) whee he is reminding me that I shouldnt be afraid to ask for more and I say, "Are you crazy I cant go in there asking for X amount of money!" or "No, I cant ask for that promotion." I notice this self doubt is a lot more present in the women I know that in then men that I know. At this point, I have almost become jealous of men's arrogance/delusions of grandeur

Now im not making a generalization about men and women, but I have a few scenarios that I think are contributing to the 57 cents to the dollars/ 75 cents to the dollar phenomenon...
  • Women are accepting the first offer given to us from the beginning of our careers thus placing ourselves on the lower end of the pay scale for this job and the ones that will come after it.
  • We are never negotiating our salary because we are too busy being thankful we were offerred a job to begin with.
  • At some point the fields that became "female dominated" also became the ones that paid the least. I probably dont have enough time to discuss what's wrong with that statement.
  • When we become mothers we start getting paid less because people perceive that mother's work less. This one irks me because it also assumes that women stop caring about everything when they have babies. I can tell you from all the fabulous mommies I have encountered that this is SO not the case.
Now in every case it seems that we women can help solve these issues by speaking up and asking for more and not accepting less than what we deserve. For those of you that are in decision making roles please remember that if we are not challenging the status quo we are doing a disservice to future generations.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mad About Neutrals and Basics....Fall 2011

Summer is almost over and while it is sad to see it go, its now time for one of my favorite shopping season of the year, Fall.  One of the themes for my Fall Wear to Work Wardrobe is Neutrals Mad Men Like Fashions. The Fashion Blog World has just been going crazy over this collection. The wardrobe is one of my favorite parts of the show as most of the clothes are work appropriate and have the cinched waist look that I so love as I find it to be flattering on many body types and the tailoring on the show is just superb.  Below are some of my favorite neutral and "Mad Men Like" items for this fall. These basic pieces are appropiate for more conservative work environments and the hints of leopard and color make it current and much more FUN!   For my next fashion challenge I hope to find affordable versions of expensive pieces. Stay Tuned!

The Basics: This Linen ASOS Dress is a BARGAIN at 34.99 and this color can be easily combined with anything else already in your closet such as a cute cardigan in a fun color or a stylish Men's Blazer

The Banana Republic Mad Men Collection is just stunning. Its stylish yet still work appropiate.  The lace shell comes in ivory, beige and black. I wanted it in every color however, I restrained myself and purchased it in black for 49.50.

This one is not part of the Mad Men Collections but it has that same feel and tailoring. Great for those fall crisp afternoons! At 198.00 this is definitely an investment piece. Vintage Blazer-J Crew

 Ok. Everyone needs something leopard this Fall. It instantly makes an outfit sexy and fun! This skirt from J Crew is a fabulous addition! Click on this link to see more colors

These Red Nine West Booties are just the splash of color and modernity that your neutral palette needs. They will instantly update any outfit and are the great transition shoe for Fall! Love, Love these.

This bag is just gorgeous and almost a bargain at 88.00 from White House Black Market. This neutral tone looks great with everything and the structured style makes it great for work but its still stylish enough for cocktail hour!

I love Chunky necklaces and bracelets. I truly feel accessories make the outfit and this GORGEOUS Kate Spade Necklace will spruce up any outfit its daring yet also demure thanks to pearls!  Its also way too EXPENSIVE for my non-profit income. I will definitely try to find a less expensive version of this. But this one is nice to admire! Kate Spade has lots of other lovelies on her site that you should check out, if only just get inspired

Here's my quote for the day, " If we fail to recognize how our choices influence the world-either by reinforcing the status quo or challenging it-we're doomed to live lives of diminished possibilitied" Gloria Feldt

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Art of Mentoring

Just came back from a much needed vacation. I have been pondering a lot on the art of mentoring and what it actually means.  This lead me to reminisce on the advice people have given me that I may have probably ignored or brushed aside. But there are tidbits of wisdom that have been given to me that have remained:

“When you fear something, face that fear. As that is what brings growth"
“Don’t change who you are for any job or any boss"
“You will always be someone's bitch"
“It’s all about internal marketing"

A very intelligent woman I know recently told me that there is a difference between life coaching and mentoring. Furthermore, she told me that she is very selective about who she mentors as she tends to become emotionally involved in their lives.  I realize that my ideal mentor-mentee relationship involves a mentor who guides the mentee along his/her desired path and helps them find their true vocation. However in my case, it becomes about preventing others from making the same mistakes I made and saving other from the pain and anguish I have suffered.  My lack of career role models meant that mom wasn’t there to tell me how to deal with difficult bosses, my cousin wasn’t there to make a phone call on my behalf.  Now I’m ALL about doing that for my family and given the intrusive nature of family. I'm sure at times my advice is unwanted and most definitely unsolicited.

Granted I’m still much more in the category of those who need mentoring rather than those who should be mentoring others. However, I’m starting to think that the question is more basic than how to mentor, but rather make sure your mentee is actually interested in your mentoring. The line between doling out helpful advice and being overbearing is a fine one. One that I’m still learning how to navigate especially with those who are in my family and close circle of friends.

My mother was a housekeeper when I was young and as my mother cleaned her home this woman took it upon herself to dole out advice to me about life and relationships.  It was totally unsolicited yet she made such a strong impression on my younger self.

My mom worked for her till I was in my late teens and eventually her own daughter was going off to college. Some of her advice such as go to school and don’t marry a man because you need him to provide for you, I have listened to. Other advice such as don’t get married before the age of 30, I didn’t listen to. That doesn’t mean she didn’t make an indelible mark in my life.  I hope that someday I can make that kind of impression on someone and that I have enough emotional distance to accept that not all of my advice will be followed.  

She told me that the hardest part of being a parent is learning when it’s time to let go. Although I am not a parent I think this applies to being a mentor at some point you have to let the kids go out into the world and make their own mistakes. Just make sure you let them know you will be there when their car gets towed for excessive parking tickets (Thanks Dad!) 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fab Career Chic: SHOES!

These shoes are my current obsession! I have been looking all summer for lace up oxfords that are office appropriate and reasonably priced!!! Last week I finally saw the perfect pair. These will instantly update my fall wardrobe but can also be worn during the summer. I  have a lot of outfit ideas for these....

Vince Camuto Shoes

How to Stay Fabulous All Year Long…

Up until a very short time ago, I used to pride myself on being workaholic. Frequently you would hear me say things such as, “I never take time off in between jobs” or “I only take long weekends off-Not entire weeks!”  One of the craziest things I did was that after 2 months of working grueling 16 hour days on a Presidential Campaign (For a candidate that shall remain nameless as this is not a political blog). I flew back home to Los Angeles and returned to work within 24 hours.  I proceeded to work the next 18 months without taking any kind of a vacation. In between this I switched jobs and only took few days off for the Holidays. Even when I wasn’t at work I was obsessing about it or thinking about it and let’s not even talk about the incessant blackberry usage that would occur on my “so called” days off.

When after 18 months I finally took a week off, I was still emailing with coworkers.  Then I did something that I’m sure many Type A control freaks like me do - I took a “vacation” that was scheduled to the second. Wait, it gets worst.  I brought my nieces to stay with me for a week for what I know call, “Betsy’s See LA Week in a week of non-stop driving, museums, restaurants Tour.”  Needless to say, my lesson that week was that a) Vacationing with children is babysitting, not vacationing! b) Sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation.
A few months later, I started my dream job!  Did I take any time off in between? Of course not.  I immediately immersed myself in my new and exciting role!  After about 4 weeks I became sick, and then spent the entire spring with the flu, cold, and inexplicable aches and pains.  It was at this point I realized I had spread myself too thin.

It was also around this time, I started reading about the importance of vacations. Vacations help us re-group; it’s like hitting the refresh button on our brains. I thought taking time off implied I didn’t care about my career. All it did was made me ill, frazzled and moody all factors that can affect productivity and job performance. Everything I have read on the issue has confirmed this belief and I have also learned that sadly I’m not alone.  Joe Robnison reported on the Huffington Post, that, “Expedia’s just-released annual survey shows that only 38 percent of Americans use all their vacation days.”  I can’t help but wonder as to how this plays into this country’s high rates of stress/anxiety, and lower life span when compared to other developed nations.  

This is why, I’m so proud to report that next week I will be hitting the refresh button and taking a full week off and I will actually be leaving the city! You see in order to stay fabulous one must maintain a healthy work life balance.  I will admit I was freaking out a little this week as to how I would keep up with everything etc.  I’m hoping I won’t remember my blackberry and I’m fighting the urge to bring my laptop with me.  I plan on lounging by the pool, sleeping in and reading all those books I purchase but never get around to reading.  This will also be a good opportunity for some fabulous outfits.

Let’s finish off with one of my favorite quotes by the legendary Coco Chanel…. “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

Stay Fabulous!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Women Who Own their Style at Work and Beyond

Okay there's a TON of fab fashion blogs out there...I feel as though I discover new ones every day. However, if you are not a size 0 it's hard to feel like there's anything that's applicable to you. I do find that Lucky Magazine has a good dose of fashions that are accessible in price and style.  Because as much as I would love to look like I’m walking down a runaway every day, my current job as a Non-Super Model/ Real Person makes it quite difficult.

My other favorite mortal (although she's cute enough to be a model) is Jessica Quirk from What I Wore. She is the epitome of effortless style and mixes designer items, with cute vintage and discount store finds. She also shares my love of cinched waist, 1950's style dresses. She recently wrote a book that I have been meaning to purchase that I’m sure will become a must have for fashionistas everywhere.

My bff and fellow fashionista introduced me to this great gal named Chloe, she is the creator of The Chloe Conspiracy . The real conspiracy is that Chloe is impeccably well dressed and somehow finds the time to links so that you can purchase the items she is wearing at discount prices and she even finds the less expensive version of the items she buys for herself.  She is a financially challenged fashionista's favorite gal!

Getting ready for my vacation, hoping to launch my, "Today I'm Wearing." section soon....

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why I started seeking career advice and Where I finally found it....

I started seeking career advice when during my first job out of college I realized that nothing about my university studies had prepared me for the life in an office and more importantly office politics. I mean, it always seemed pretty simple- “Work hard and rewards will follow, right?” WRONG!  I mean I’m a First Generation Latina- the graduation rates for people like me are pretty dismal so it’s quite an accomplishment to obtain a degree. Thus I’m not sure we have figured out what we are supposed to do when we obtain the magical college degree everyone kept telling us to earn.  Plus we don’t have our mothers, fathers and uncles and their networks available to recommend us for internships, jobs and fellowships so we have to fend for ourselves.  Nevertheless, when I graduated I was full of hopes and dreams and wide eyed naiveté about what awaited me in the professional world.

I very quickly found out that writing an office memo wasn’t the same as writing a 10 page research paper the night before it was due. Thank goodness for the kindness of my first boss who taught me how to write a memo, and was patient enough to tell me things another person wouldn’t have bothered to tell me.  From her I learned about the value of having a mentor and the importance of being a mentor to others. 

After about one year into the real world I ventured into my next job which is where I was faced with the cold reality of office politics. I quickly found myself wondering why my colleagues weren’t eager to help me or willing to share credit for projects… I turned to the internet and to my local bookstore to find answers to my problem. What I found was that many people feel unprepared for the working world, and that my values about work and life were shared by many of my cohorts.

My Favorite Places for Career Advice:

The expert on the Millennial Generation is none other than Penelope Trunk. After finding Penelope I knew that I wasn’t alone and that I was fascinated by what makes a person successful at work.  It was also the first time I allowed myself to think that maybe climbing the ladder wasn’t what I would want to do with my life.

I always turn to Penelope Trunk's Blog' Brazen Careerist . Sometimes when I’m having a particularly rough day I re-read some posts that I have found helpful in the past. She is so honest and "brazen" in her advice. In fact, her blogs have provided solace for me in my career journey...It was also through her that I discovered the Quarter-Life Crisis.  If you don’t know what the "Quarter- Life Crisis is, check out the link as you may find that you are suffering from this mysterious condition that comes when you realize that a) you won’t be rich and famous by 25 and b) that the "perfect" job, haircut, relationship etc. may not bring you the satisfaction you thought it would. At 28 I think im currently in the middle of Quarter-Life Crisis Part IV!

I also like to check out the BNET-Life at Work Section it has cool advice and also posts from people who are doing very innovative things when it comes to helping employees achieve the elusive-work-life balance.

My intention is to cross post interesting articles and share my own tidbits of knowledge. Stay Tuned…  

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Welcome! Why should you read this blog?

Today marks the beginning of a lovely journey. Hopefully others will join in on the fun...
The objective of this blog is to share fashion & career tips and when appropiate life tips and tidbits of wisdom. Lets get started by answering a few questions about me.

Question: Why should I read your blog? I already have enough places to waste my time on the internet..
Answer: I decided to start this blog not only to explore my writting style but also to have a place to share all the great fashion and career advice that I come across online and in print.  As a Latina navigating life and career with very few mentors and role models I wanted to help others find a space where they can see themselves reflected. Besides im funny and will share all the other funny, amusing stuff I read which means you will waste less time finding it. See im really doing you a favor here....

Question: What makes you think your life is interesting enough to blog about?
Answer: I have diarrhea of the mouth so I will probably share embarrassing stories that will make you feel better about yourself.  In all seriousness, I have spent SO much time figuring out where to find the best career advice all the while trying to look polished, professional and stylish at work. Im ready to share my knowledge with the world...

Question: Who do you think gets the "Best Dressed for Work" Award?
Answer:  This varies from time to time. Currently im obsessed with the ladies from Mad Men, Michelle Obama, and Kate Middleton. They are all classic, stylish and mix the new with the old, designer with discount stores and they know how to dress for their figure.  My all time favorites are Coco Chanel, and Sophia Loren (She may not be work appropiate for my office but I love her anyway).

Question: What does my career have to do with fashion?
Answer: Our clothes send a message to the world. This message is transmitted to the people we engage with on a professional level everyday. Clothes can say, "im creative" or "I dont care." You determine what the message is going to be. As for me, the message changes everyday.