Friday, August 26, 2011


As a budget fashionista its important that my pieces transform from wear to work, to lunch on the weekend and night on the town (which I admit haven't happened as often as I would like).  However, ensuring that your pieces fit into your wardrobe requires some planning. Below is a list of tips on how to ensure you are maximizing your wardrobe by utilizing multi-purpose pieces...
  • BEWARE OF THE URGE OF THE IMPULSE PURCHASE: As a teen I remember buying things tht tickled my fancy. I ended up with a ton of cute items that had no real purpose and didnt help me create outfits.  Now before buying a top or bottom I think of what existing items I can wear it with. 
  • ACESSORIZE: I can’t stand stress this enough, an outfit can go from great to glamorous with the right accessorizes. Accessories also help you create different looks with a few key pieces.
  • DO EXPERIMENT WITH HAIR AND MAKEUP: Your look can be enhanced by the right hair and make-up. This is also a way to try new looks without breaking the bank.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!!!
Stay Fabulous,
Betsy Aimee

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