Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Life

2013 was for the books. I had a baby, turned 30, got laid off and had some extreme highs and lows too.However, I didn't write. I just didn't.

This year I am challenging myself to write something everyday. Hopefully I can publish everyday but if not I bought myself a cute journal for when the days get hectic. Except now, I am not going to worry about who is reading my blog, or where i'm going to get published. I'm going to do it because I love to do it. Oh and because i'm too neurotic not to write out my thoughts. This is really a public service to my  loved ones.

One of the challenges of writing is coming up with fresh ideas and topics that are accessible to a wide audience. I will keep it simple today and stick to listing my new year resolutions.

1) Write Everyday
2) Get a Job-Yeah, this one is high priority for obvious reasons
3) Spend More Time Outside- Time I enjoy that California sunshine more often, also I want my child to appreciate the planet.
4) Try Something New Everyday- New foods, new places, new experiences.
5) Make My House Into a Home- Have a great space, I should take advantage
6) Stop Capitalizing Words That Don't Need to be Capitalized- See above for examples.

What are your resolutions? See you soon!
Betsy Aimee