Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Ventures

Hi there, If you are here it most likely means you read my pieces on Forbes or The Muse. This blog was good to me. However,  I am staring over beginning on June 1st, 2014! I am launching my new blog. "Here, There and Now" 

This blog was only the beginning and sometimes we need a new beginning.

See you on the Eastside!

Betsy Aimee

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Life

2013 was for the books. I had a baby, turned 30, got laid off and had some extreme highs and lows too.However, I didn't write. I just didn't.

This year I am challenging myself to write something everyday. Hopefully I can publish everyday but if not I bought myself a cute journal for when the days get hectic. Except now, I am not going to worry about who is reading my blog, or where i'm going to get published. I'm going to do it because I love to do it. Oh and because i'm too neurotic not to write out my thoughts. This is really a public service to my  loved ones.

One of the challenges of writing is coming up with fresh ideas and topics that are accessible to a wide audience. I will keep it simple today and stick to listing my new year resolutions.

1) Write Everyday
2) Get a Job-Yeah, this one is high priority for obvious reasons
3) Spend More Time Outside- Time I enjoy that California sunshine more often, also I want my child to appreciate the planet.
4) Try Something New Everyday- New foods, new places, new experiences.
5) Make My House Into a Home- Have a great space, I should take advantage
6) Stop Capitalizing Words That Don't Need to be Capitalized- See above for examples.

What are your resolutions? See you soon!
Betsy Aimee