My name is Betsy Aimee and I cannot elaborate too much on this about me because I am constantly evolving. I like a lot of things here are some of them:

The Eastside: East Los Angeles, California is where I live it scares me and inspires me on a regular basis.

Career: By day I am a women's health advocate and political junkie. At night I try to write, and  I read a lot of useful and not so useful books and articles. I know that our generation of women is going to make an impact on how we work and live.

Chic: I am a former financially challenged fashionista and beauty product enthusiast. I say former only because a true fashionista would never stop obsessing and my commitment flounders from time to time.

Most recently, I like my personal life too. My bf/baby daddy/ soulmate is the bees knees/ icing on my cake and all that good stuff. We made a baby.

I am a contributor for The Daily Muse, and an LA Career Coach for Examiner.com. Most recently, my writing also appeared on Forbes.com.

Please stay in touch on Twitter, Pinterest. For any other inquiries please contact me via Email.

Betsy Aimee

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