Monday, November 28, 2011

There's Always An Excuse To Not Do What You Love

Wow! I have been a bad blogger. The days have gone away from me and one week of not blogging turned into two, then three and here were are almost one month later.

Every week I kept creating excuse for myself as to why I wasn't posting. Geez I cant even keep up with my hobbies.

I have a confession though, I have actually been doing way TOO much shopping lately. I'm so ahead of the shopping curve, I have my holiday party outfit and my NYE outfit! See below.

 I just kind of knew from the moment I saw it much fun is to be had in this dress!  I am throwing caution out the door about excess lbs and will hopefully be ringing in 2012 with this little number. You can find this dress and many mofre fun NYE pieces at Arden B!

I digress. I love my blog and the self expression it allows me. Then why is it hard for me to blog? Ok lets keep on looking at the clothes.

I made a wish board earlier this season. It was a fun little arts and crafts projects which consisted of me cutting out my favorite looks from magazines, pasting them on cardboard. It has helped me focus on only buying the pieces I really, really, really want/need. :)

On my board was a printed dress that was in a neutral pallete but still fun. I found this perfect dress on This was again love at first sight...You can still find it at Dillards. This dress is great with heels and a blazer for work, and can be worn with booties and fun jacket on the weekends.
Most recently I wore it with my favorite BCBG Boots and Navy Tights on Thanksgiving!

My November shopping adventure continued on I found the perfect secretary blouse in Leopard! Which if you ask me is the new black!!!  I wore it with black skinnies, booties. For work I wore it with a cream colored skirt and black pumps. But really this goes with EVERYTHING. haha.

Ok. So im kind of all over the place but really I did not want to go another week without posting. Besides I am actually all out of excuses!!  While you're out at it check out one of my new favorite bloggers over at Cupcakes and Cashmere

Have A Great Week!