Sunday, July 24, 2011

Welcome! Why should you read this blog?

Today marks the beginning of a lovely journey. Hopefully others will join in on the fun...
The objective of this blog is to share fashion & career tips and when appropiate life tips and tidbits of wisdom. Lets get started by answering a few questions about me.

Question: Why should I read your blog? I already have enough places to waste my time on the internet..
Answer: I decided to start this blog not only to explore my writting style but also to have a place to share all the great fashion and career advice that I come across online and in print.  As a Latina navigating life and career with very few mentors and role models I wanted to help others find a space where they can see themselves reflected. Besides im funny and will share all the other funny, amusing stuff I read which means you will waste less time finding it. See im really doing you a favor here....

Question: What makes you think your life is interesting enough to blog about?
Answer: I have diarrhea of the mouth so I will probably share embarrassing stories that will make you feel better about yourself.  In all seriousness, I have spent SO much time figuring out where to find the best career advice all the while trying to look polished, professional and stylish at work. Im ready to share my knowledge with the world...

Question: Who do you think gets the "Best Dressed for Work" Award?
Answer:  This varies from time to time. Currently im obsessed with the ladies from Mad Men, Michelle Obama, and Kate Middleton. They are all classic, stylish and mix the new with the old, designer with discount stores and they know how to dress for their figure.  My all time favorites are Coco Chanel, and Sophia Loren (She may not be work appropiate for my office but I love her anyway).

Question: What does my career have to do with fashion?
Answer: Our clothes send a message to the world. This message is transmitted to the people we engage with on a professional level everyday. Clothes can say, "im creative" or "I dont care." You determine what the message is going to be. As for me, the message changes everyday.

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