Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Stay Fabulous All Year Long…

Up until a very short time ago, I used to pride myself on being workaholic. Frequently you would hear me say things such as, “I never take time off in between jobs” or “I only take long weekends off-Not entire weeks!”  One of the craziest things I did was that after 2 months of working grueling 16 hour days on a Presidential Campaign (For a candidate that shall remain nameless as this is not a political blog). I flew back home to Los Angeles and returned to work within 24 hours.  I proceeded to work the next 18 months without taking any kind of a vacation. In between this I switched jobs and only took few days off for the Holidays. Even when I wasn’t at work I was obsessing about it or thinking about it and let’s not even talk about the incessant blackberry usage that would occur on my “so called” days off.

When after 18 months I finally took a week off, I was still emailing with coworkers.  Then I did something that I’m sure many Type A control freaks like me do - I took a “vacation” that was scheduled to the second. Wait, it gets worst.  I brought my nieces to stay with me for a week for what I know call, “Betsy’s See LA Week in a week of non-stop driving, museums, restaurants Tour.”  Needless to say, my lesson that week was that a) Vacationing with children is babysitting, not vacationing! b) Sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation.
A few months later, I started my dream job!  Did I take any time off in between? Of course not.  I immediately immersed myself in my new and exciting role!  After about 4 weeks I became sick, and then spent the entire spring with the flu, cold, and inexplicable aches and pains.  It was at this point I realized I had spread myself too thin.

It was also around this time, I started reading about the importance of vacations. Vacations help us re-group; it’s like hitting the refresh button on our brains. I thought taking time off implied I didn’t care about my career. All it did was made me ill, frazzled and moody all factors that can affect productivity and job performance. Everything I have read on the issue has confirmed this belief and I have also learned that sadly I’m not alone.  Joe Robnison reported on the Huffington Post, that, “Expedia’s just-released annual survey shows that only 38 percent of Americans use all their vacation days.”  I can’t help but wonder as to how this plays into this country’s high rates of stress/anxiety, and lower life span when compared to other developed nations.  

This is why, I’m so proud to report that next week I will be hitting the refresh button and taking a full week off and I will actually be leaving the city! You see in order to stay fabulous one must maintain a healthy work life balance.  I will admit I was freaking out a little this week as to how I would keep up with everything etc.  I’m hoping I won’t remember my blackberry and I’m fighting the urge to bring my laptop with me.  I plan on lounging by the pool, sleeping in and reading all those books I purchase but never get around to reading.  This will also be a good opportunity for some fabulous outfits.

Let’s finish off with one of my favorite quotes by the legendary Coco Chanel…. “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

Stay Fabulous!

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