Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Accents Preview

It's officially Fall. Yay! I've been looking at Fall fashions for a while so it's hard to believe it arrived a little less than two weeks ago. Last week was crazy and thus I neglected to update my blog. Which is sad cause it's so much fun. Im working on actually doing outfit shots. I'm a bit intimidated by all of the skinny, super model look alikes that blog successfully.

While I muster up the courage, I want to preview some of the make up styles I have been experimenting with and my Fall Accents. Fall accents are the things that will complement my Fall wardrobe and make it unique, (Well as unique as you can be with items that are mass produced)

I'm also looking into buying a better camera as it has recently come to my attention the one I currently own, sucks for the purposes of being a fab blogger.

I'm all over the place at the moment. I hope you caught my article on The Examiner! If not check out the previous post.

Enjoy the photos! Let me know your thoughts.  

Rocking the side pony tale and bold necklace!
Burgundy and Leopard- One of my favorite color combos for Fall.

Experimenting with bold jewel tone combinations

Layering the bracelets. The more the merrier!

Never thought I would be playing with pink eyeshadow again! lol

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  1. Can you come and be my fashion consultant. I seem to be lacking, a lot, in that area. It is hard to find something that will look cute and, dare I say it, sexy with a body of a post pregnancy bod. Seriously I will provide a place to stay and good food and we can go on a shopping spree! :)