Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fashion Ethos

For the first time this season, I have felt the cool, crisp Fall air. When you live in Los Angeles you long for real seasons and the beauty the bring with them, orange tinted leaves, frost on windows and spring blooms. As much as I enjoyed my summer wardrobe I had been mentally preparing for Fall for a few weeks.  I haven't blogged about fashion and have been doing more "serious" career focused entries. Im still trying to figure out how I will successfully merge the two topics on here.

However I have been studying other blogs and taking mental notes of what works. There's so many great blogs out there it's important to make sure I am finding "my authentic voice" Today I read a piece on Glitter Guide ( one of  me new favorite sites). Each month they feature a different "Glitter Girl and this month they chose Laney, of Downtown Romantic. I was crushing on her cute style and her adorable apartment. In her article she discusses how a friend of hers once told said, "your style is so downtown romantic." Once she realized this friend was right she had a much easier time further developing her own style expanding on this phrase! I loved the idea of identifying your style ethos in only 2 words. My homework for the week is to try to do this for my own style. Im looking around my room and I guess the few options based on what I see would be:

Crazy Scarf Lady
Neutral Shoe Lady
Belt Collector
Jewel Tone Maven 
Skirt and Dress Gal

None of these are it!  While I put some thought and creativity into this. Take a look at how my Fall lookbook is evolving...

Betsy Aimee

Sally Hansen, Diamond Strength, Nail Polish/ I love the burgundy/purple color contrasting with the Leopard. I have declared Leopard to be my favorite fall neutral!  

I couldnt decide on booties! There was so many option. I was really, really trying to keep the purchase under 100 dollars.
I finally settled on these Kensie Girl Booties in "Chocolate." I liked the zipper on the side that allows me to fold them over or wear them unfolded under pants.

I fell in love with these on Asos.com (They have a sale right now!) They are a great juxtaposition of lady like and bad ass! The studs and off centered bow down play the daintiness of the bows.  I wanted to build my silver jewerly so I picked up this amazing plated necklace and metal bracelete at Forever 21.

These shoes are a perfect example of how you can incorporate existing iems and have them work for different seasons. I found these on super sale at Banana Republic this summer and they are just what I needed for Fall 2011. Im honeslty in love with these! I like to pair them with my new Navy blazer. Yes, not groundbreaking perhaps but remember we are talking about work appropiate clothes here. :)

Here are more closeups of my Forever 21 finds!! I love all these things and I probably wear too many of them at the same time. But as Rachel Zoe would say, "more is more is more."


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