Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Put Your Best Blog/ Boot Forward...

Hey Friends,

I have been busy on my blog. No, not devising new posts. I have been working on the layout of the blog and learning all the intricacies of the Blogger site.  I have discovered so many new sites and blogs based on people's blog rolls, that I knew I wanted to provide the same on my blog. I hope to continue to add to the list/s. You wil notice that I have created a list of my favorite Fashion and Career Blogs/Websites. Yes, I read a lot of these everyday. Yes, I dont sleep as much as I should. I also created a spur of the moment About Me section. Take a look and let me know your thoughts on these new sections. It's easy to feel like my blog is an ugly duckling compared to all the awesome blogs out there. However, i'm confident this is only the beginning!  Lets move on now...

Lets talk 2011 Fall Boot Looks!

In the middle of  blog re-design I have been searching the internets for the perfect boots. I first searched for some inspiration! (See Above an below) My desired price point is 150 dollars or less.  I'm having a hard time narrowing it down from a list of favorites.  I decided it would be helpful to develop a criteria after all, my financially challenged self cannot break its own rule regarding impulse purchases!

Here are some of the things that im considering before making a purchase like this:

1) Comfort- May not seem important when you are eyeing cute styles online or at the store. Many of the boots have high heels and platforms to support them but this doesnt always equal comfort. Here's a tip read the online reviews before purchasing anything.  This also helps you make sure that you know whether or not to order a size up etc. Besides, if you're anything like me you are always rushing in to the office and uncomfortable shoes wont help you get there any faster. The pictures above and below are examples of casual work looks that are also comfortable.

These are super comfortable and versatile! The wedge heel keeps them current. JcPenney Honey Cott Boot

2) Versatility- This is key, the shoes must transfer for day to night and vice versa.

These are just so fun. I'm a sucker for boots with hardware. However, not sure about the versatility of these. I definitely need to visit them in person. Seychelles-Theory Boot

3) Material- I love suede shoes. These may work in California as we dont get much rain. But if you live in a place where weather is an issue Suede may not be worth the investment  Keep in mind things like this when you are deciding on a pair.

Love the metal detail an wood heel on these. It really makes these special and a bit unique. These are just under my desired price point. These also come in several suede colors. I think these are my favorites so far... Nine West

4) Style- You should know what fits into your wardrobe. There's riding boots that can work for the office and there's some daring styles that can work for the office if paired with the proper items.  This year there's so many styles to choose from ankle boots (cute with dresses, skirts and skiny jeans), riding boots (good with everything and super comfortable), over the knee bots, and the famous booties (similar to ankle boots). It's helpful to have a plan for example I know that I want a pair of ankle boots to wear with dresses, skirts and tights this season. I also want new riding boots cause my old pair is 3 years old.

These are basic and under 100 Dollars! Yay! I love these. Can you tell I love hardware details? Found these at Victoria's Secret-Steve Madden

Happy Shopping Everyone, I look forward to sharing what I decide to buy!

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