Tuesday, January 31, 2012

From the Archives:The Golden Rules of Office Politics

According the U.S Department of Labor, the unemployment rate in Los Angeles County currently stands at an incredibly high rate of 12.7percent. If you are fortunate enough to be employed right now and if you were recently hired it is important to establish yourself as a valuable asset to your office as soon as you step foot in the door. I know, it’s hard to come in with a strategy when you are still recovering from the excitement of hearing the magical words, “You’re hired!”

With so much career advice out there it can be hard to discern the true keys to success. The tips listed below will not help you perform your job but they will help you navigate the murky waters of office politics. While the rules vary among fields and sectors, there are some general, golden rules that can help those that are new and/or those that find themselves stuck in a career rut. Full disclosure: I have broken some of these rules at times. You can thank me later for helping you learn through my mistakes.

  • Form rapport with your colleagues- Even the most fabulous jobs will have rough days. Unless you are completely antisocial you will need a buddy to help you get through the rough days. If you ever need someone to cry with/complain to you can go to this person. This will help you maintain your composure with your boss and everyone else.
  • Don’t assume people know your qualifications- The person who interviewed you knows you are perfectly qualified. It’s important to inform others of your background and express what you have to offer to the rest of your colleagues. Make yourself available to help. Take on new projects.

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