Saturday, January 21, 2012

This Blog Post Will Change Your Life!

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

One of the best things that has happened since I started this blog is that I have found so many other sites and blogs that inspire and excite me. Every evening I come home and methodically click through my favorites bar. If you want to see some of my daily reads click here.

Of course 90 percent of my thoughts while I do this are something like this:

"Wow, she's so pretty. I wouldnt look that great in that outfit"
"Well she doesnt have a Full time job etc. like I do so that's why she looks that cute"
" I wish I could dedicate more time to being a "writer/blogger" so that I could incorporate all these great ideas I read on IFB into my blog

Then after a while I get tired and then just shut off the computer and say to myself,
"Now i'm too tired to blog"

Finding inspiration isn't hard for me, it's getting motivation to share what inspires me with others.
Here's a picture of my magazines which inspire me to find new outfits for the office!

I'm almost ashamed to admit this is only one months worth of glossy peridiocals. I have loved magazines since I was little girl. I think I was the only 11 year girl who read Seventeen Magazine and also played with paper dolls.

This week one of the sites I follow New Latina posted a question their site, "My ideal job would be _______"  I posted a response saying, " My ideal job would be to blog about careers and fashion"

Side Bar: My current job as a member of the women's rights movement isnt all that bad! But hey I am an overachiever so 2 careers would be awesome, and hopefully profitable.Besides I strongly feel that Gen Y (those born between 1980-1991) will have many careers and that the days of doing one job for the rest of your life are long gone. But that's a whole other topic for another day.

New Latina, asked me if I already had a blog or was thinking of starting one. I responded with the link to this blog and I was esctatic when New Latina posted my most recent blog post to their Facebook and Twitter! Woo hoo! That was exciting but it also made me ponder on why I just cant do what I claim I love to do on a more consistent basis. I have blogged about this in the past and have discussed this phenomenon with others.

The creative mind behind New Latina, Angelica Perez-Litwin is a great example of doing what you love and sharing your gifts with others. She is utilizing her psychology background to motivate other women and at the same time has created a platform of self expression for other women trying to share their "gift" with the world.

What does it mean to "share your gift." It sounds incredibly self-help-ish (yes, I just made up a word) but your "gift" is that unique talent you possess, that perspetive on life, fashion, music, politics, etc. that can only come from you.

(Speaking of gifts, looks this adorable wrapping paper)
Source: via Flo on Pinterest

For example, to the naked eye, most fashion and beauty blogs might appear to be the same but  according to this Ted Talk on how to have a successful blog it is that unique perspective on trends and fashion that others connect with and makes them want to come back to your blog.

I hope you feel some connection to the thoughts I share here and that's why you are reading this blog. If that's the case then you should suscribe or comment! (or maybe it's just because you are my friend or my family member)

At the end of her talk she cites this quote by T.S Eliot that she shares at the end:"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

The blogger who did this TED Talk, Andy Torres of Style Scrapbook found herself unemployed after moving to Europe to pursue her dreams of being a designer and then realized that her true gift was to take runaway looks and make them relatable for the everyday woman and now has an incredibly successful webiste and career as a stylist.

Now dont tell me you dont think you have gift. We all have a gift and even if you dont know immediately what it is, part of our challenge is to find out what it is. If you havent found it already now is the time to start looking. But in order to do so we must take a risk and get out there and find it.

If we reallly want to change our lives we need to get out there and find our gift!
How many of you have things that inspire you? How are you sharing your gifts with the world? Where do you find the motivation to do what you love?  If you start searching today I will guarantee this post will change your life and if in Steve Jobs case he radically changed the lives of others in the process.


Betsy Aimee.


  1. Betsy! Love, love this offering of yours here! I like the strength of your voice, perspective, and openness, all while encouraging others to follow that fire in their belly. I am honored that you follow New Latina and that a simple question on Facebook has inspired you to ponder about YOUR dreams.

    And speaking about gifts -- you are absolutely correct, we ALL have gifts that we can use to make big changes in other people's lives. You just need to give yourself permission to find that gift, open it, and share it with the world.

    Beautiful post!

  2. Inspiring AND MOTIVATING!! Thank you!