Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We All Need to Find Our Place in the Universe

According to Wikipedia the term niche is used to describe the role an organism or population plays within its community or ecosystem. Niche marketing often refers to advertising that is tailored to appeal to a specific group of people. Niche Audience is the people that fit within that said group of people.

It’s like those ads on the side bar of your Facebook that seem made just for you and say creepy things like , “Are you a 26 year old woman living in Los Angeles?” and you think, “Well actually I am! “ This is the most obvious example of advertisers targeting to a niche audience. Some things are marketed to the “mainstream niche” and are meant to appeal to all consumers but increasingly ads are developed for specific groups of people. This is why Facebook and Google will one day inevitably rule the world as they have so much data on everyone that they are the perfect venue for advertisers to create very specific ads based on all of the data we put on the internet.

Advertisers know that in order to sell they have to tailor to who they want to sell to. This got me thinking about my niche and who my target audience is, who am I appealing to, and who would be interested in what I have to say on this blog.

Taking it one step further I asked myself why I continue visiting certain Fashion, and Career sites, what is it about who they are marketing to that keeps me coming back? For example, when a blogger or a site features only high end designer gear I find myself not visiting that site as often. If the clothes I see don’t seem accessible to me it makes it less likely I want to visit in that case I’m not part of the niche audience of that blogger.

Now some bloggers who are a bit more savvy understand this and so they frequently post, less expensive options so that people like me don’t get turned off this is why I always read, “The Chloe Conspiracy.  This is an example of trying to appeal to a “mainstream” niche.
Now neither of these options are bad and perhaps bloggers are not always aware that they are carving a niche for themselves but it’s essential for their success that they establish an audience, figure out what it wants and then blog accordingly.

The same rule can apply to our careers, we need to find out what we like, who would like the service/product that we can provide and then tailor accordingly. Mold your career to who you are and then surround yourself with people who will appreciate it.

I’m still searching for my blog’s niche audience, but for this week my niche is finding cute nail polish!

It’s important for all of us to know who our target audience is, at work and in life and message accordingly. If you’re reading this it’s likely that you are a member of my niche audience so please do remember to subscribe, comment and follow me on Twitter!

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