Wednesday, March 14, 2012

CGBT-Out of Town!

I told you that I identified my style formula as CGBT! Classic, Girly, Bold, Trendy.
This month I will be making several day trips for business and thus I need to put my style skills to good use and avoid the impulse to throw on the first thing I see when I get up at 5am to catch a 7am flight! A lot of these trips are only for the day so I will be up very early to catch a flight and then come home in the evening after meetings etc.. These are super long days but it doesn't mean a gal should throw style out the window. I will be participating in meetings that require a more conservative look than what I wear day-to-day and I am planning accordingly. Here's what I am coveting for my upcoming travels and some things I have already purchased. I mean when you are buying things you "need" for work it's okay to splurge right?

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My BFF got me into Kate Spade back in that day and one of my first major purchases was a Kate Spade wallet. It cost me 125.00 (which in hindsight was way TOO much for a working class college student to pay for a wallet) it was bright red and even back then I loved the timeless look of Kate Spade's items. I recently re-discovered my love for Kate Spade and just made a new addition to my collection. I got mine on Super, Duper Non-Refundable sale, but here's a similar one

How cute are these shoes! When im doing all day meetings and traveling through airports most of my regular heels just won't do! I need something to get me through the day comfortable and stylish. I think these may do the trick and are still fun and interesting. Get them HERE! 

The color and knotted bow makes this classic silhouette fresh. Also reminds me a little of my favorite princess, Kate Middleton

Celeb Boutique. Get it HERE!

Remember I told you I wanted House Harlow cat eye sunglasses? Well after purchasing my lovely purse I decided that getting the glasses was just no longer an option if I wanted to stay within budget. Thus, I settled for these copy cats I found on Amazon.  These will be in my new purse when I travel  and will serve me well when i'm walking through airports before applying concealer

How do you travel in style? Leave me a comment and let me know. 

Betsy Aimee 

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