Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to Put Your Best Self Forward

Welcome to my newly re-designed blog. I am so excited that my friend was willing to help my blog put its best face forward! I love her. Sometimes we know that something is great but intuitively we know that it could be even better.In life and in blogging there is always room for improvement. Thus now that my friend took care of the blog I have dedicated these past few weeks to reflect on life and rid my mind of clutter to put my best self forward. Here's how you can do it too!

1) Search the Internet for Answers: 

Penelope Trunk saved my life, I found her through HuffPo and we have been in a relationship ever since.She doesn't know it, but she planted the seed for this blog and my journey as a writer, influenced my last salary negotiation and has played a role in my marriage. She shares intimate details of her life and inspired me to share my own story without fear of judgment.

Her advice led me to discover other quarter-life crisis self-help gurus like Alexandra Robbins who wrote a book on how to survive and conquer your quarter-life crisis. These books gave me hope in some difficult moments and so did Penelope.  Finding Penelope Trunk on the internet changed my life. If you are strategic you too can find life altering sites on the internet! It''s very silly advice but it's also very easy to do.

2) Shake Things Up:
You cannot keep doing the same thing and expect different outcomes. I know this because I have tried it and trust me it FAILS every time. When I was depressed, sulking around at home and complaining about my life did not make things better. What made it better was seeing a therapist, getting a dog and doing a series of other things that did not just occur as I slept in till 2pm on a weekend. If you feel lost you will need to make an effort to find whatever it is you're looking for, a new job, a new relationship, a new apartment, etc.

You can start small, for example in the past few weeks I cut inches off my hair, and tried to change my hair color. I didn't say you had to go crazy here, baby steps are fine. I also decided to spruce up my social life by attending events I would normally not attend because i'm too tired, too busy or too lazy to attend.  I attended the FAWN You Tube channel launch and a movie screening for Girl in Progress (which you really should see) At the second event I even networked and asked someone to meet me for coffee! Step out of your comfort zone, you may meet  people or get a cool gift bag filled with fun make-up!

Here I am shaking things up at the You Tube channel launch with my shorter hair, and hot pink pants (an unusual wardrobe choice and yet another way I was shaking things up) See I have proof that I am taking my own advice! 

3) Focus on the Positive: 
I was in the middle of March Madness (the work kind not the basketball kind) and I noticed a crazy increase in my blog's traffic. I then realized the Forbes.com had picked up my latest article for The Daily Muse!! Here was my advice on Forbes.com. One year ago, I wasn't even writing and now here I am on a major site that was accomplishment HUGE for me. It also proves that searching the internet for answers and shaking things up really does make a difference when you're lost. I started this blog to shake things up and challenge myself and I did it by searching for cool bloggers on the internet. I have encountered so many amazing people and really discovered a whole new side of myself, the writer. I usually look at past blog posts and focus on typos or how things could have been phrased differently. I am now trying to focus on this small victory and using it as motivation to keep writing. (Just found several typos here too, Ugh)

4) Don't Worry About Feeling Lost:
These past few weeks have been crazy and I have been reflecting a lot about what I want for this blog and for my career. Whenever this happens I usually turn to the Patron Saint for Lost 20 SomethingsPenelope Trunk. She writes eloquently about being lost and urges readers to embrace being lost because personal growth looks a lot like being lost. I have felt lost so many times I am now in the running for a lost 20-something medal of honor for personal growth, and it is VERY frustrating but I try to remember this little nugget of advice I found on my new obsession Pinterest.

So go ahead and embrace the discomfort of being lost and put your best self forward!
How are you shaking things up this spring? When was the last time you felt lost and what did you do about it?

Betsy Aimee

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