Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to be productive at work and at home

I have many blog post topics that are currently in development. Yet, I find myself unable to finish very many of them.  I had a great weekend so naturally I am know too exhausted for my hobbies.  During the week I had long work days, and my camera wasn’t charged so I failed yet again to post any outfit posts, bla,bla,bla. The excuses go and on as you can see.

There are a few things I have discovered in this blogger/wannabe writer journey.  One thing no one tells you, is that you have to read things other people write in order to get the creative juices flowing and then you need to meet self-imposed writing deadlines. It’s hard to keep up with the many other deadlines I need to meet at work- , at home, and to my creditors and thus it seems hard to add even more deadlines to my life. 

When the enemy of all productivity, procrastination, rears its ugly face it can become so overwhelming to think about all these of tasks that it’s easy to just put it off all together and just watch HGTV. Here are some things I’m trying to do to get back on track:

1)      Just Do It- Sometimes you just have to force yourself. Earlier in the week my Dr. told me that the times when I really don’t want to work out are the times when my body needs it the most. Same thing with those things you keep putting off, the more you put them off the more you will develop anxiety over not getting things done, so then you go and have a cheeseburger because you feel so out of control in your life. Then you don’t sleep because you are ridden with guilt because not only have you put off tasks, but you also consumed a meal that added more fat to your thighs.  Then you wake up the next day feeling icky because you ate an unhealthy meal so you drag yourself to work and are tired and moody all day. Then that to- do list becomes even longer and so this pattern of self-loathing, self-destructive behavior repeats itself! 
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